Monday, April 27, 2009

The last speck of credibility

Did Gordon Brown have any credibility? It is a huge question, but it seems everything he does puts another dent in his credibility. The latest disaster is his video talking directly to voters telling them he was about to reform MP's expenses. But evidence is he just had not thought it through. The day rate was criticised as being similar to the European Parliament 'clock in and bugger off' payment system. There would still be a lack of transparency, there may still be systemic problems and the public would still be subject to a range of sleaze allegations. But more embarrassing directly for the prime minister is that he has been forced to retract a promise made directly to voters and broadcast online and across every news organisation. Is this his last grain of credibility that he threw away, or did he lose that months ago?


Coco said...

Brown lost all credibility as soon as he became PM, he went from being the rock of New Labour to a clueless jerk in a matter of weeks

Matt Hurst said...

Not quite true, his first few weeks were very successful, denial after denial and fuck up after fuck up led to this point.

The last Brownite said...

You know, I actually think Brown is a very able and nice guy who is surrounded by assholes. Sadly he takes their advise too often or is let down by his own party protecting their own benefits and not those of the party. hope the dirty shits lose their seats because of it.