Sunday, April 05, 2009

Free political advertising

It seems that the key use of the Internet is for free advertising. Basically parties develop a simple widget that can be embedded into other websites and blogs and so the party is promoted. This is the current attack on Labour, suggesting the government are not taking action on home repossession.
The problem is that the majority of these free advertisements are negative, so appeal most to existing party sympathisers; also negative messages need to have resonance and be believed. The challenge is to get the message out. While the loyal party bloggers will promote it and host the widget will it reach beyond the already engaged? These tools may be useful on Facebook or MySpace for one hit, however who looks at even their best friend's profile page? So, chances are these are actually preaching to the converted only and may just (only just) increase turnout by mobilising one or two voters at the next elections.


Svanna said...

I do see what they're trying to do here, and good for them using newish technology like widgets. There's no obvious branding for the opposing party which may increase the chances of the average internet user using the widget if they simply agree with the statement / message. But overall I agree that its more for existing party members than to gain new members.

Matt Hurst said...

You could develop this kind of widget though, like to include factors such as if Northern Rock, RBS et al had been allowed to collaspe.