Friday, January 09, 2009

Palin: How Obama Won

A fascinating interview that has been canned by PR Junkie, which calls this as proof that she needs media training. However there are actually some interesting points, on whether a candidate's family should be foregrounded by the media and particularly that anonymous bloggers should not be used as sources of fact.

But some of the lines she defends, such as when asked what media she reads saying 'all of them'; and suggesting had she been Obama's Vice President the voters would have loved her, tenuous? Yes perhaps she needs some advise on dealing with journalists such as Katie Couric. But it also raises some interesting questions about the role of the media within an election campaign and how low they should be allowed to go despite the fact Palin is not a great performer, and independent of her politics, there are some interesting points in this. If she does reappear as a candidate in 2012 could she celebrate her inability to perform in front of the media or emerge as a professional communicator?


Matt Hurst said...


I guessed Obama won because recession hit hard and the Democrats benefit from poor economic times.

Then again the American economy was pretty up and down through Bush's time in office.

Palin's duel with Biden was horrifically car crash too.

I would say all in all we got lucky.

Celine said...

There are so many reasons why Obama won. We could also say that he won because he had more money to spend and the mass media backed him without question. Those factors would make that election pretty unfair for McCain and Palin.

Did we get lucky with Barrack? I think people should watch this space. He will bring change, but that change won't be good for the people.