Saturday, January 19, 2008

One for posterity

Jonathan Yeo had the former Prime Minister sit for his first and probably only official portrait to be hung in London's Lincoln's Inn. Yeo admits to the portrait intending to meet Blair's critics head on:

"Of all the things that people remember him for, the war in Iraq is going to be one of the main things that people discuss... I was thinking that I had to find some kind of representation of that, but that it shouldn't be trite or too judgemental. It was November and of course when he came in he was wearing a poppy. I thought that was perfect."

Well yes the poppy is fairly prominent, but is the suit white, or just off white, what is that saying to us? The gaze into the distance, is that suggesting foresight, a progressive stance? The big question is whether this will be the vision we hold for posterity, or whether some of the great photos from his time in office will capture the public mood better.

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Adam Abu Nab said...

Will Tony be in the dock for this?

Iraq dossier draft requested 5 years too late after the damage is done...resubmission to be capped at 40%!

What is interesting is that we'll get a chance to read it, although you can't help but think it'll be doctored, again.

"The BBC story about Downing Street allegedly "sexing up" the dossier claimed that the assertion about Saddam Hussein launching WMD in 45 minutes was added to the dossier at the last minute because Blair and his officials felt early drafts were not very convincing.

Williams told the BBC that his version did not contain the 45 minutes claim.

During the Hutton inquiry, it was established that MI6 only gathered the intelligence about the WMD being launched within 45 minutes - intelligence which turned out to be wrong - shortly before the dossier's publication.",,2245573,00.html