Thursday, January 10, 2008

Every persuasive devise in the book!

One of the laws of a piece of persuasive political rhetoric is to not give your opponent exposure, but to take their arguments and turn them against them in order to promote oneself; this is this law in practice Obama style.

In a speech in New Jersey he offered the following argument:

“People are saying that Barack Obama has got good policies and is inspiring but we can’t vote for him now because he hasn’t been in Washington long enough. He has to be seasoned and stewed a little bit longer so they could boil the hope out of him, like those other candidates… But he argued that those candidates were not going to provide the politics or society Americans want; he said: “Change is not going to happen by the same old folks doing the same old things. We need somebody new, a new leader.”


Norfolk Blogger said...

You have to take your hat off to his speech writers. its very powerful stuff.

casildami said...

It is a smart young campaign that has stood up to the Clinton machine and is still breathing. He has made U.S. politics interesting as they hadn't been in a long time. But, will his rhetorical powers be enough to win the unsure voters?