Thursday, January 24, 2008

Brown doesn't spin enough

Peter Hain has finally done the decent thing, but only when it is unavoidable and the case is handed to the police; for me a tougher leader would have sacked him much earlier on to save his own reputation. Interestingly when asked by the news anchor why Gordon Brown was having such a tough time, Sky News Political Editor Adam Boulton reported that Brown was not spinning things enough or in the right way. That while Blair would have shrugged off such problems with his charismatic charm, Brown is not able to do that. Because of this while Tony maintained a teflon (non-stick) persona form many years in the job, Brown is immediately like velcro (sticky) though I do like one analogy offered by one of my students: "Brown is like a bear's arse; shit sticks to him". But the solution Boulton suggests is interesting coming from a media commentator; they attack spin and spin doctors yet recognise that spin is a necessity of modern governance. So is Brown the non-spin PM he promised to be and is suffering as a result or is he just bad at spin and anyway lacks the charisma to carry it off?

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