Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Whose popular in the political blogosphere?

Iain Dale did a popularity poll, or actually more of an efficiency poll, asking who out of a list 100 prominent politicians was doing a good job (scores are out of 10). There were 1,256 respondents, among them me, not representative but a healthy number. Here are the top ten, the predominance of Conservatives is not unexpected given Dale's open allegiance, but Vincent Cable as winner???
1. 7.78 Vince Cable
2. 7.44 David Cameron
3. 6.69 George Osborne
4. 6.66 Alex Salmond
5. 6.26 William Hague
6. 6.22 Michael Gove
7. 6.11 David Davis
8. 5.74 Chris Grayling
9. 5.30 Alan Duncan
10. 5.18 Chris Huhne

Given that Cable beats Huhne, while Nick Clegg is in 21st place, is the wrong person the favourite and the best candidate not standing. Maybe he was sticking the boot in effectively given the range of open goals Labour have left for balls to be kicked into.

The bottom five are perhaps expected given the week Labour have had:
92. 2.53 Alistair Darling
93. 2.45 Des Browne
94. 2.41 Gordon Brown
95. 2.25 Douglas Alexander
96. 1.76 Harriet Harman
It would be wonderful to see a similar study rolled out across the nation (Ipsos MORI, YouGov, hint, hint!!!) but unlikely I guess (I'm waiting!!!) fascinating stuff though and one does wonder how closely it maps onto the general mood in the nations.

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