Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Merry Christmas from Westminster

I recall last year I did a comparison of the Tory/Labour leader's Christmas cards, this year I was so stunned by the similarity with last year, as well as the similar approaches taken by the leaders that i forgot to include Mr Cameron's. It is, like last year, drawn by a child within his constituency of Witney. It is, like last year, and like Gordon's, not personalised and not party political, unless there are messages within the transport theme or the inclusion of tomatoes is symbolic of errr... something. But what a vast change from the traditional party leader card (as below)

Very regal. My favourite, the one I would most prefer to be sent is that of Vince Cable (below), it just has the right aesthetics for me personally. Though he wont be leader of the Liberal Democrats on Christmas day he had the privilege of choosing the party card, it is quite traditional while also being inclusive (i.e. non-religious) as most of the cards are culturally christmassy as opposed to being religious.

Happy Christmas!!!!

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