Friday, December 14, 2007

The Election-vision song contest

A funny thought! Given that there seems to be a lot of 'campaign' songs for candidates in the US (spoof and supportive) who should sing the song for the UK parties or their leaders?
Obvious answers could be The Cheeky Girls for the Liberal Democrats (though as Lembit Opik is not in the running to be leader it could be unlikely), or Geri Halliwell for Labour after her appearance in a 2001 election broadcast; any suggestions? If I get any I will compile a chart sometime nearer to Christmas!


DJ Sparky said...

Brown should have Leona Lewis (as he likes her and she must be desperate for publicity now X factor is on to a new batch)

Cameron likes the Killers etc but they're far too cool, was there once a band called Attila the Stockbroker (lmao). Should get Blue???

LibDems gotta be Coldplay "its all yellow" and so are they

rollo said...

Lab = Busted
Cons = Fall Out Boy
Libdems = Therapy

Me said...

Labour gotta be Talking Heads on the road to nowhere

I said...

Tories should have this charming man