Friday, May 18, 2007

The special relationship

The press conference yesterday where George W. Bush commented on his relationship with Tony Blair through up some interesting comments according to the BBC website. The part that seems of interest to the author was Bush saying he might be responsible for Blair's departure, though he had not polled Labour members, the odd aspect is as follows.

"He [Bush] said he hoped to help Mr Brown in office, the way he had been helped by Mr Blair when he was first elected". Well he was not president when Blair was first elected so that does not strictly makes sense; but then:
He added, for now, he would continue to work with Mr Blair.

"My attitude is this. This man here [Mr Blair] is the prime minister and we've got a lot of work to do until he finishes. He's gonna sprint to the wire you know, he's gonna finish the job people want him to do, and I'm gonna work with him to do it. "

One wonders exactly how he can help Blair with the domestic agenda that he has pushed at elections; perhaps best ignored as another Bush-ism!

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