Friday, May 18, 2007

The end for Webcameron?

Sam Roake is the man who advised the Conservatives on their web presence and is the driving force behind Webcameron and at times acted as the camera man. However Recess Monkey writes that he has left the party due allegedly to the frustration that the Cameron messages are gaining no currency among the electorate and that his efforts on Webcameron are largely going to waste.

His problem, partially, is that the spoofs of the Conservatives get all the hits, such as the following which mocks the Sian Simon appearance where he claimed that Conservatives were 'just like you'.

Why is Webcameron failing, particularly when the French presidential candidates were so successful? Loic le Meur talked of Sarkozy interacting, answering questions, physically participating in second life, take the debate on Cameron's forum that questions whether sustainable development is possible without economic reform, there are 16 statements and questions, none from Cameron. Essentially he is a lurker in his own blog, posting only, he may as well produce a pamphlet as there is no interaction going on. Visitors can watch 'totalwit' in his spoof video, comment on it, and get something out of it; if the politician does not interact there is no function in contributing to their sites, hence the videos are not watched by a critical mass, the messages are not recalled and the time and effort spent on building Webcameron is wasted.

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