Monday, May 18, 2009

You couldn't make it up

It has been quite nice to be away for the best part of a week, and so not receiving the daily diet of MP's excess porn on every available news channel. Far better the debate on the merit of the Belgian Eurovision entry. So returning you find the MPs turning on the Speaker for not taking the expenses matter seriously enough; does no-one else see this as a somewhat invidious position given they (on the whole) were taking full advantage of the system they now criticise. The public, rightly, are using every avenue to demand heads roll; parliament meanwhile carries on regardless: bickering amongst themselves and demanding the head of the man who implements (badly or not) but does not make the law. Meanwhile it is the likes of Esther Rantzen and Martin Bell who capture the public mood and hint they may stand against the worst offenders. All this seems to forget that in a matter of three weeks the public can, if they wish, go out and vote. Is anyone really worth voting for may well be in the minds of many. It would perhaps be a result if no-one voted but there is a danger that minority parties will mobilise supporters and so we end up with some very curious results. Now it may not matter if the British contingent of MEPs represent minority parties; however does this effect negatively the extent to which British interests are represented. Will the British National Party be interested in debates on agricultural policy; so will Britain lose its voice totally in the European Parliament? Does anyone else care?


Matt Hurst said...

If Ezther Rantzen's campaign is anything like that "PC gone mad" program she made then Westminster might as well hand power over to the monarchy.

And was Martin Bell any good last time? A large number of Mp's have been very prudent and so we shouldn't taint them with the same brush, but we will.

As I see the Mail want to launch criminal investigations against mostly Labour Mp's, can we have criminal investigations into the avoidance of Tax, I don't think the Mail group and for that matter News International will support that campaign, and it costs us far more.

Mike Jensen said...

Here was John Stewart's take on The Daily Show: