Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Does repeat-remind get boring?

I always wonder about this, I remember one candidate for election in 2001 saying that Labour had a repeat-remind mantra that stated when you were sick of saying something the majority of your audience may only just be starting to retain the message, I was not convinced. I am equally unconvinced about the effectiveness of Obama's continuing strategy. From the start he has avoided out and out negativity but compared himself to other candidates as the outsider versus the insiders. His outsider status is founded on his public (mass movement) funding. With McCain this attack is clearly valid, however since signing up to his emails that is the only message I get. Maybe I am in the wrong demographic to get other messages but it seems to be the same message over again: "John McCain [is] trying to convince you that you've been swept up and tricked into wanting change... To sell this ridiculous idea, McCain and the RNC are using huge checks from Washington lobbyists and special interest PACs to run negative ads attacking Barack Obama and the millions of volunteers and donors who have joined this campaign for change". I can see the aim, to solidify the movement he has created online and on the streets against McCain, but I suspect this is something they are anyway. But I do wonder if the US voter is getting a little bored with this, it is a message I have seen replicated on websites, campaign ads etc etc, is this the real cause of Obama fatigue, not just his omnipresence i nthe media but because when he appears he says the same thing too often? More generally, when does this lose its resonance and become as boring as certain car insurance ads that we barely notice anymore?

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