Thursday, August 16, 2007

In Vogue

Politicians, on resigning, and prime ministers and presidents in particular, often wish to leave some comments for posterity. Autobiographies usually. For Blair there have been a range of soft-focus interviews showing the human dimension and the latest is an interview with Vogue magazine that finds him on the front cover. Some media even claiming his image has been airbrushed to make him look younger

Given he was once voted one of the 'sexiest men' and courted media attention as a celebrity as well as courting celebrities, generally this is probably little surprise. But is there a political strategy behind this?

At the 2005 election Blair was keen to court female voters who had lost trust in him over the Iraq War, is he now concerned about is legacy and the perception these same British women hold of him? But this is Men's Vogue, so who is it that he is trying to win over with this and why? I wonder what the interview contains, but am not yet certain whether I can steal myself to buy Vogue and find out.

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