Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No spin, no rhetoric, no bull, no idea

Have you ever wondered what politicians would be like if they had no special advisors, no spin doctors, they just appeared on camera and spoke like the ordinary guy in the street. This is the late Australian Labour Party senator Bob Collins, he had a rather chequered career but his has to be a high point. I would love to see Paxman's reaction to someone like this.


Mark Pack said...

Fantastic! Well done for unearthing such a gem.

Roman said...

From Wikipedia:

During Collins' term as Minister for Shipping, on July 21, 1991, the Greek oil tanker Kirki in Australian waters lost its bow in rough seas, and 17,280 tons of light crude oil were spilled. The tanker was subsequently towed further away from the coastline and salvaged.[4] Collins' response to this was the subject of a famous parody interview by the satirists John Clarke and Bryan Dawe, in which Clarke, playing Collins, repeatedly refers to the ship of which "the front fell off."[5]

Darren G Lilleker said...

Thanks Roman, I so wanted that to be authentic though. It did have the hallmark of satire on it, as you said very Bremner, Bird & Fortune but I was assured of its authenticity. I do wonder what the original interview was like as Collins was, errrm, colourful!!

Anonymous said...

Spin, rhetoric and bull arrived with Blair in 1997.

Footage of Margaret Thatcher are a reminder of leadership and a true politician.