Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is John Lewis' the best Xmas ad

Probably, but only because you can do so much with it. I quite like the Shockwaves for Boris, but I'm sure what Cameron really wants for Xmas is an election, Darling needs a visit from three wise men and Brown a miracle, well you can make your own up. This was made by some of our final years who are investigating the power of the viral as part of their Interactive Media Strategy unit.


Matt Hurst said...

How does Brown need a miracle, the polls which the Tories were so loving have now swung dramatically around. Even the attack following the pre budget report helped the government.

As for the ad it's annoying, but most ads are.

Matt Hurst said...

Oh and before you point the obvious out, I don't believe the polls and never have.

After all I tell Yougov every day that I love David Cameron and vote Tory.