Friday, October 20, 2006

The First Post

This is the first post, hopefully one of many. The idea of this is to put some ideas out there and see what happens. My research focuses on political communication and how that uses the tools of public relations and marketing but without the sophistication.
Many may already think at this point what sophistication? What does this mean? Well here is the problem. Richard branson spends a fortune on marketing his companies and himself, he uses PR to the max, yet we trust him don't we? Certainly the public have general positive attitudes towards him despite his profits, wealth or disasters. Yet when a politician speaks we here the word 'SPIN', we block our ears, we ignore it - not maybe all of us but enough to concern the political classes. But the answer has been to look to corporate communication (PR & Marketing), the rsult seems to be the reduction in engagement, not an increase. I don't necessarily want to offer reasons at this stage, they will emerge, I would prefer to get a sense of how people view politics and its discourses, collect ideas and perhaps see why others out here in the blogosphere may think political communication is unworthy of serious attention.

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